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Where We Go & What We Do

Steve M


We are a small not-for-profit Jewish organization that launched in 2009 for idealistic Jewish students and professionals who wanted not just to see the world, but make an impact while doing so. Since then, our programs have attracted thousands of applicants from around the world who have been united around the common values of curiosity, contribution, passion, and a quest for discovery.

Our programs aren't for everybody. Whether it's exploring the issue of human trafficking near the red-light district of Bangkok or rappelling down a 40-meter waterfall, our trips may push you outside your comfort zone. You'll have an incredible experience in a supportive environment of like-minded people, but expect to go on a journey - reaching in and reaching out - to change the way you look at the world and making a difference where you can.

Take a look at our destination pages. They'll give you an inside-peek at what you'll experience when you choose to travel with us. If you're inspired to experience the world, leave your meaningful impact, and make friends for life, please join us!