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Refer a friend

Bring a Friend on Your Justifi Trip, Get $50 Off!

You'll have stories to share for the rest of your life!


Most participants on a Justifi trip arrive as individuals and make friends for life on the ground. Meeting great people is part of the fun of your Justifi trip!

But how cool would it be to share your Justifi experience with a friend from back home?

So share on Facebook, tweet it, and tell your friends "it's on" and we look forward to meeting you and your awesome friends in Thailand or Nicaragua!



Refer-A-Friend Offer Details

We're happy to offer a $50 discount off your next paid Justifi trip for each friend you refer to join us. Limit 4 referrals ($200 maximum lifetime discount). New referrals only - past applicants and past participants do not count as 'referred friends' since they already applied. Discount goes one way only, 2 friends cannot 'refer' each other. This offer does not apply to Justifi Trips offered in partnership with other organizations.