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Why Justifi?

We attract bright, independent, passionate Jews who want to spend their time and money not just traveling and having fun, but also doing something more meaningful whilst they’re at it.

Why Travel With Justifi


Justifi trips take you into the heart of the local culture; to the must see tourist sights and then off the beaten track to where tourists never go. Gain an authentic experience by meeting locals from all walks of life, learn some of the local culture, traditions, and customs, taste the local food and see the bustling cities and breath-taking nature. Balance all this by gaining a real insight into the issues facing the country from some of the inspirational people working there to make a real change.


Socially Conscious Travel

One of the purposes of life, as well as one of the most fulfilling and meaningful things to do, is to positively influence the world around you. Based on a lot of research on how to avoid the pitfalls of short term voluntourism, Justifi gets involved in some hands on volunteering through local organisations who are working with some of the most vulnerable people in society. Spend time building, planting, painting and teaching English to kids and creating a lasting impact on the lives of all involved. 




Traveling is a great way to relax and refresh from the stresses of work and to take a step back and gain a whole new, fresh perspective on yourself and the world around you. All too often the benefits of travel wear off a week or two after you get back home. At Justifi, we help people consciously process and integrate the insights they are having along the way and empower participants with the tools and the resources they need to live their life with increased clarity, passion, joy, health and mindfulness when then trip is over.


Find Your People, Travel Together

Simply put, traveling is more fun with someone to share it with. Sometimes the people you already know can't join you, want to do something different, or just aren't up for the adventure. One of the best things about Justifi is the people. We attract bright, independent, passionate Jews who want to spend their time and money not just traveling and having fun, but also doing something more meaningful whilst they’re at it. Some people come with a friend but fly in solo when they arrive and have made new friends for life by the time they leave. Hang out with a chevra from all backgrounds, people who turn out to be friends of friends (yup, lots of Jewish geography to be played) and be pleasantly surprised by spending time with people you’ve never had the chance to hang out with before.


Exceptional Value for your Money

We're motivated by passion, not profit and are a registered non-profit organization dedicated to providing transformational experiences to Jewish students and professionals. We aim to provide you a fuller, richer, and more memorable experience than you'd ever be able to have on your own, all for an exceptional value. We've scouted out the best places to day, negotiated group discounts with local suppliers, and don't skimp on the quintessential experiences you dream of when you go to these destinations. 

Unlike other tour providers that charge similar prices and leave you out of pocket if you want to DO anything, we not only take you to great places, we help facilitate awesome experiences while you're there - included in your trip costs!


Spend your Vacation Exploring, Not Planning

Planning an excellent trip isn't always a day at the beach. Figuring out where to stay (is it in the "safe" part of town?), pouring over reviews of places to visit, figuring out transportation options, and the like can be a major hassle - especially if you're trying to coordinate with a friend or two. And just when you think you have the perfect itinerary, you show up to the museum and find out they're closed on Mondays. (Seriously, why would they be closed on a Monday?). Back to the internet to make a new plan. 

We plan your trip so you don't have to, with local experts with insider knowledge and experience, but still give you plenty of flexibility to explore and adventure on your own. Think of us like that friend of yours just loves to plan trips, but isn't as bossy or annoying - we're cool like that.


We're All About Jewish UNITY

Our trips are designed to be welcoming and suitable for Jews from all backgrounds. We have a Shabbat experience (often with hundreds of Israeli backpackers at local Jewish centers or somewhere beautiful on our own) and there is always kosher food available for those who want it, however there is no specific religious agenda and everyone is free to celebrate and express their Judaism in whatever way they feel comfortable. We believe that wonderful things happen when Jews from all backgrounds travel together, engage with the local environment, and come together as a family, concentrating on things we have in common and how we can improve ourselves and the world around us. 



Join Our Alumni Family, Get Up to $300 Off Any Future Trip.

The trip is just the beginning. We love our alumni, they love us. (See Our Alumni Testimonials).

Tap in to the post trip programming; inspirational video send outs, events in New York, weekend retreats, ambassador program, personal mentorship sessions, social hangouts and the chance to come back on another trip as a staff member.

Alumni get discounts on all future trips and a couple of couches to crash on, from other members of the Alumni network!