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Our Work

Launched in 2009, Justifi is an innovative, international, not-for-profit collaboration run with the mission of connecting  the next generation of Jewish change-makers with the people and places where they can make a lasting impact, one incredible experience at a time. 


Justifi is a new social activism program connecting Jewish students and young professionals who want to make a difference to circumstances, people and places where they can. Justifi takes you to far away places - into communities plagued by terrible problems but blessed with amazing organizations and people.

It's for Jews who want to build a better world, not just imagine one. It's for Jews who believe that they have a role to play in ending hunger, suffering and exploitation. It's for Jews who believe that their heritage has something very powerful to say about making this world a better place. It's for Jews who know that outrage is not enough. It's for Jews who know that real action is the solution and who want to be a part of it.



Justifi programs are for Jews of any denomination who strive to practice Tikkun Olam, by building a better world, not simply imagining one. Our trips provide the opportunity for Jews to move beyond apathy or feelings of outrage into real time solutions for issues facing our world. We work with inspiring organizations to address important issues, primarily working in impoverished communities in desperate need of support. 



Justifi is proud to partner with local grassroots organizations that are committed to long-term development on the ground. By working directly with them on projects of most need we hope to empower the communities and leave a lasting impact.

Through long-term partnerships and local relationships, we help participants access organizations, local traditions and communities that are not accessible to independent travelers. 

In Thailand, we work with organizations dedicated to combating and preventing human trafficking. In Nicaragua, we join forces with organizations fighting poverty in rural communities and giving children in the tropical dry forest the opportunity to receive an education. In Peru, we partner with organizations focused on helping child domestic workers and breaking the cycle of poverty that forces young children to work to support their families. In South Africa, we work with organizations fighting extreme poverty in the townships outside the major cities, specifically supporting non-profits that help children living with HIV.

In working with local organizations that are aware of their communities specific needs, we ensure that our service projects build upon our previous work and are sustainable. Through Tikkun Olam we offer our heads, our hands, and our hearts, doing real hands-on service work to help meet that community's need.


Justifi participants visit some of the most beautiful places on Earth to assist our partners. Every trip, we prioritize discovering the local culture and experiencing the highlights the country has to offer. From visiting elephant camps and riding boats through gorgeous rice paddies in Thailand to rappelling down waterfalls and volcano boarding in Nicaragua, travelers will experience an adventure they will remember their entire life!



Daily discussion groups focused on the Jewish approach to Tikkun Olam, sharing reflections, and personal growth are highlights of the Justifi journey. 

Each trip has multiple sessions with Jewish experts in the fields of self discovery, relationship development, and social entrepreneurship. Participants leave with gained wisdom and tools that will help them towards an evolved sense of self and understanding of their leadership abilities. Through traveling on a Justifi program one practices mastering mental, physical and emotional areas of day to day life. Learning and serving communities teaches one about working as a group and cultural competency. 



 Justifi programming does not end with the meaningful trip. Our follow up programming is designed to help people integrate their new found attitudes and skills into everyday life. We empower people to envision and create projects of their own, which will make a real difference in our world. Sharing a transformational experience with others in your faith creates friendships and support systems that can last a lifetime. 

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