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Justifi: Jewish Social Justice

Short-term volunteer and personal transformation trips for Jewish college students and young professionals. Join us in Thailand, Nicaragua, South Africa, and Peru!

Life changing trips for jewish idealists


The hottest new program on the planet

Suitable for grades 10-12

Travelling to Nicaragua


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Our Mission


Justifi creates meaningful vacations for Jews of any denomination who just cant wait to throw some gear in a bag, get on a plane going somewhere awesome, meet up with some like minded, talented tribe members and do real stuff together to build a better world. 

We know you need a holiday, so we strive to find exciting destinations where you can see and experience the full richness of the culture and relax a little. We also know you want to make a difference, so we volunteer in communities plagued by serious social injustices and blessed with organizations and people who serve as strong examples for us all.

We seek to provide the opportunity for Jews to move beyond apathy or feelings of outrage into real time solutions for issues facing our world. 

We want you to return home relaxed and invigorated, so we make sure you get to see all the sights and soak up all the culture you want.

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