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Justifi: Jewish Social Justice

Short-term volunteer and personal transformation trips for Jewish college students and young professionals. Join us in Thailand, Nicaragua, South Africa, and Peru!

Life changing trips for jewish idealists

Justifi has taken hundreds of Jewish travelers on inspiring adventure trips all over the world since 2010. So get ready to throw some gear in a bag, fly to a bucket-list destination, experience a new culture with inspiring people, and make your lasting impact.

The only question is "Where Will You Go?"

Communities are healed when good people travel right. Justifi runs short term adventure trips that combine travel and cultural immersion with sustainable volunteer work. On every trip, Justifi groups experience an insider’s view of the places we visit, courtesy of our local guides and partners, and give back through volunteering on important projects that improve quality of life in a conscious and sustainable way.

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I have run 16 Justifi trips in 3 different countries. Each one is unique, each one is eye opening, and each time I am blown away by the awesome quality of the people who have come together to really make the experience what it is.  When you have an eclectic group of people from all sorts of backgrounds and walks of life, all ages and philosophical outlooks, who have invested time and money in doing something transformative and inspirational, people who have gotten together in an exotic location to deal with serious local issues, clarify their own role and purpose in it all and at the same time have a stupid amount of fun and adventure – you are bound to have many, many, touching, moving, hysterical, challenging, and meaningful moments.   at Justifi, we travel a LOT. From Thailand to Nicaragua, Peru to South Africa, we're booking dozens of international trips per year. And, as a small not-for-profit organization, we do everything we can to book them on the cheap ... continue reading

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