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Hadassa Goldberg


Hadassa Goldberg

Hey! I’m Hadassa. I know i should be writing this bio in third person, but it feels really unnatural to me, so bare with me!

I studied Graphic Design and got a BA in Psychology at Bar Ilan University. My passions have always been design, travel and people. So my job here as graphic designer and JustifiGO director are a dream come true!

Being a religious young woman and have being greatly influenced by Justifis amazing work, I started the JustifiGO department - a trip for young religous women like myself that would allow them too to see the world and partake in (oh lord this is cheesy) making it a better place.

During the year i live in Israel, near the beach with my daughter Halleli and my husband Daniel, during the summers we get on a plane, head out as a team and staff the JustifiGO trips wherever they may be!

In my spare time I like to take pictures, macrame and swim at the local pool.

If you have any questions please reach out to me at