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Fundraise towards your trip cost

Over Half of all justifi participants raise money towards their trip.

(Many over $1,000 to cover their costs!)


Once you make it to Thailand, South Africa, Peru, or Nicaragua, the experience you'll share with your peers will be unparalleled. You'll have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact alongside grass-roots non-profits and learn even more about yourself in the process.

However, we understand that flying to  the other side of the world to help people for 7-10 days costs MONEY. For some, it can be an uncomfortable thing to talk about (and one of the issues we discuss on our programs). But the cost of flights, donations to partner projects, lodging in suitable facilities, and all the additional experiences we add to the program for you add up to price that, while less than similar programs, is not easily within reach for everyone on their own. Don't worry, you're not alone.

As a small not for profit organization, Justifi is not able to subsidize this experience through large grants or hefty scholarships. However, most of our past participants have realized the value of the contribution they're making and found support through their social networks.

Think about it: You're spending your time, energy, and personal funds to do good work in the world and make a difference where you can. You'd be surprised how much you can raise by asking you friends and family to support you in your journey. 

So visit the links below to see how you could raise money for your Justifi trip using easy online tools and your existing circle of friends, family, and supporters. Watch the video below and see our Fundraising Suggestions to start planning how you could raise your trip costs and join us for much less than you think!

Have more questions? Email us at and we're happy to chat.

Remember: We also offer multi-payment plans so you can pay what you don't fundraise, easily over the next 6 months.




 Fundraising resources to get started:

  • Best for fundraising your donation AND trip costs.
  • Funds transferred directly to you.
  • You pay 5% fees.
  • No tax deductible status for donations.

Setup a GoFundMe Page... 

DISCLAIMER: JUSTIFI DOES NOT DIRECTLY HANDLE FUNDS FROM YOUR DONORS, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONTENT OF YOUR FUNDRAISING PAGE. justifi does not issue tax receipts for donations since they are handled directly by you.