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We already know the true value of a Justifi trip, and how truly life-changing they can be, but we'll let you do the talking. 

I am so incredibly grateful for the experience you lead me through in Thailand. I was challenged, pushed myself and truly see the power in believing in yourself and making a difference. Thank you so much. You’ve imparted so much wisdom, so many things that I would like to and already try to incorporate into my life. I learned so much during the course of our 10 day trip. I’ve been more self aware, and trying to be more self compassionate. I’ve certainly been more confident and have been happier in general, and I feel like I owe so much of that to you.
— Justifi Alum, Summer 2015
Loved the trip, really gained a lot.
I loved when we went up North (in Thailand) we got to eat real authentic (and kosher) Thai food!
It was a nice change up from the chabad food.
— Alexandra Eagle, Justifi Thailand 2015
Rabbi Dov Ber is the best!!!!! He was one of the top parts of my trip experience :)
— Lyndsi Sherman, Justifi Thailand 2015
Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing themselves” - I always think of this quote when I think of my Justifi trip, because it allowed me not only to change the world for the better but change myself for the better.
— Justifi Alum Maayan Shemesh
I have so many highlights from my trip. I loved all the extreme activities like repelling and volcano boarding. I also liked the historical tours of the country that we went on. It was hard for me to communicate with the children because my Spanish is so bad but I really enjoyed working with all the children also. I also really enjoyed the meditation sessions and the group discussions.
— Hayden Hampton, Justifi Nicaragua 2013
It was truly a life changing trip
— Rachel Bernholtz, Justifi Thailand 2015
I’m very glad that I got to experience what I’ve experienced with Justifi, and I think what you guys are doing is great.
— Mitchell Shvarts, Justifi Thailand 2015
Justifi added another dimension to my Jewish identity. I had been involved with acts of Tikkun Olam before, but never really felt like it was a priority in the Orthodox community. It was extremely rewarding to participate in Justifi Thailand- a trip that both respected my values and added to them.
— Cheryl Geliebter, Justifi Thailand 2014
I think Justifi is a great organization. I am so glad I discovered it and went on one of the trips. I am saving up to go on another trip in the coming years! Everyone on the trip was so friendly and the trip was well organized.
— Chelsea Werlinsky, Justifi Nicaragua 2015
It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not only see the world abroad and do a little good but to also experience it with a group of amazing people with similar goals. I’m so happy I did it while I had the chance.
— Dayna Fields Justifi Peru 2015
I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Thailand. The country was beautiful, we were plenty busy, and the food was great! Dov Ber is a very wonderful person to be around and he has become a great friend. I love his approach to Judaism; he listens and then from your experiences, helps you understand more about yourself and your approach to faith. He’s not stuffy or judgmental. I appreciate the things he has taught me very much. This is the first year I am celebraing Chanukah and lighting candles. It has brought me closer to some Jewish friends and co-workers. It feels good to be a part of something, especially something so sacred and beautiful.

I love the most that Dov Ber is always available to answer questions I’ve had. It’s inspired me to become more involved in the Jewish community in St. Louis. I spent many years feeling like I was left out, like I didn’t belong anywhere. I was not raised religious, so there are many customs I am just now learning. During my trip to Thailand I was able to engage in though-provoking conversations with people at various levels of observance, which have helped me decide where I align with my faith. I gained many friends on the trip but most importantly, I feel like I’m part of the family again. I was even unofficially given a Jewish name! What a precious thing.

I plan to go on other Justifi trips in the future. I only want to become more and more involved in the world community.
— Katherine Myers, Justifi Thailand 2015
Whenever I see other participants from my trip at school, we always have a special bond that allows us to connect!
— Leora Margelovich, Justifi Thailand 2015
I went to Nicaragua this past summer and it was amazing. The good was great the staff was great and the people on the trip were great. Most importantly the country was fantastic. I had a great and meaningful time.
— Debbie Einhorn, Justifi Nicaragua 2015
Both trips have been very eye opening and beneficial in my personal growth as well as professionally. These trips have honestly changed my life!!
— Sarah Rollins, Justifi Thailand 2013, Peru July 2014
Justifi is the perfect mix of social justice and Jewish learning because the jewish values are evident in all matters we approach and discuss on the trip. Wish I had the time and funds to make it on all the trips!
— Alexia Maman, Justifi Thailand 2014
This was one of the best trips of my life! I met some of the greatest people (from Johannesburg to Cape Town and back), made some amazing new friends, and learned more than I thought I ever could. The greatest part of the trip was that I got to be a part of something bigger than myself and my own “problems”. I am full of happiness and pride when I look back to see what we, as a group, accomplished and how hard we worked. In my opinion, going on the trip to South Africa made each and every one us better people for having been a part of such an eye opening trip and amazing organization.
— Charlotte Clague, Justifi South Africa 2014
I’m still working with Tom to get scholarships for some of the girls at the Tom Karen Center!
— Tobi Rosenzweig, Justifi Thailand 2014
Justifi excels in providing Jewish young adults with a fun travel experience amongst their peers. This trip encouraged me to be mindful in how I go about my daily life and present in each moment.
— Jessica Taylor, Justifi Thailand 2013
Was an amazing experience, I recommend it to everyone.
— Chaya Bar-Chaim, Justifi Nicaragua 2014
My trip added so much meaning to my life! It was a life changing trip!! Thank you so much!!
— Mindie Erreich, Justifi Nicaragua 2014
I love justifi and everything it stands for! Yay!
— Grace Hakimi, Justifi Thailand 2013
I participated in Justifi’s trip to Thailand run by Dov Ber who is really fantastic and he made my trip the best it could have been! He told us on the first day “Don’t live an I should have life” and I can truly say that that stuck with me and is how I try and live my life daily.
— Talia Liebman, Justifi Thailand 2015
Excellent, life changing program! I am SO grateful for all the work that goes into creating this phenomenal experience for idealistic Jewish young adults like myself.
— Naomi Ducat, Justifi Thailand 2015
Staff is fantastic! I learned so much from everyone especially the staff!

The trips definitely had a huge impact on my life and still do!!!

The program has a great balance of showing you the country you have never been to and educating you on social justice issues. The information we learned on the trips I take back and share with my community.

THANK YOU JUSTIFI for all of the amazing and life changing experiences you gave me!

The food was AMAZING (especially Thailand)
— Mindie Erreich, Justifi Nicaragua & Thailand 2015
Everything about the program was so amazing and I could tell that every single detail was extremely well thought out and planned. It made my trip so much more enjoyable and I can’t wait to go on another one!

In terms of the trip I loved it, learned so much, and had an amazing time. I would like to request more volunteering. There is nothing I would change if I could but I would like a couple more days of volunteering on the trip because I felt like we spent a lot of time learning about the issues which was super important so I would’ve liked to spend equal amounts if not more time helping to prevent the issues as well.
— Elisa Alloul, Justifi Thailand 2015
The trip was incredible. I loved the Jewish strength and goodness that we exercised. We truly participated in Tikkun Olam, one of the most important aspects of Judaism to me. In addition to all of that, I learned so much from the self-growth aspects of this trip like how to not let your external environment dictate how you feel. I have never been with a group that I felt so close with and respected so much. The people were astounding. I learned from each one of them. Oh yeah, and I met my current boyfriend on the trip. Overall, a once in a lifetime experience that you don’t want to miss out on.
— Jordana Lebowitz, Justifi Peru 2015
I tell everyone that the Justifi trip to Thailand was the best program I’ve ever been on and have been recommending it to people left and right. I found that the mix between an incredibly new setting, entirely new types of people I would not have encountered otherwise, and the mission of the trip, led by Dov Ber, provided the most unique experience I could ever imagine. Dov Ber’s meditation exercises really showed me where we are in this world relative to everything else, and how most problems are insignificant in the big picture. It should also be noted that when I lost my passport in Chiang Mai, Dov Ber stayed back from the rest of the trip when the madrich and everyone went to the elephants, waiting for me until I came back from the Consulate. We then went to the elephants together. To me that was going above and beyond.
— Yoni Weg, Justifi Thailand 2015
One of the best decisions I made this year was to sign up and go on a Justifi trip!
— Sarah-Eta Shnier, Justifi Thailand 2014
Justifi is a true gift - thank you for all you do
— Michal Benari, Justifi Thailand 2012
I’m so glad that I found Justifi and it is now a part of my life. I am looking forward to gaining more and sharing my talents on the next trip I participate on.
— Laura Sued, Justifi Nicaragua 2013
An incredibly well organized and extremely fun program that I would highly recommend to friends or anyone interested in doing a volunteer program such as this one.. Looking forward to participating in future trips and creating more good! Thank you!
— Marina Reydler, Justifi Nicaragua 2014
Despite having a bad taste in my mouth for Thai culture, I learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed my trip. It was an experience of a lifetime. Off to Rosh Hashanah with Dov Ber! Not too bad for amazingness.
— Samantha Bear, Justifi Thailand 2014
I have become more open minded to others around me. I am focusing on living in the moment and dealing with the now instead of getting wrapped up in the past and future.
— Laura Sued, Justifi Nicaragua 2013
Just spending time in Nicaragua and noticing how other people spend their livelihood, in both the urban and rural parts, was an eye opener; this definitely helped me gain perspective in my own life and made me realize what I would like to focus on more and dwell on less.

Being removed from my daily routine and diving into unfamiliar terrain (physically and emotionally) allowed/helped me to become more aware of my surroundings and pay more attention to what was taking place in the moment as it was happening. Learning how to be more present was something I was already working on before Nicaragua, but this trip helped me realize I want to make this a bigger priority in my life.

Staying in the here-and-now is a skill I want to strengthen since I think it will enhance my general day-to-day experience, but I also think it is an essential tool needed to help me move onward and proceed with achieving other goals I have for myself. I’m still working on how to be in ‘the moment’ on a practical/technical level—taking small steps and incorporating exercises into my daily practice at a gradual pace, etc., some of which I learned while in Nicaragua.
— Nechama Winston, Justifi Nicaragua 2013
I can’t wait to participate on more amazing trips, organized by truly amazing and special people, to great destinations! Glad to be part of this awesome big family :)
— Esther Abikhzer, Justifi Nicaragua 2014
Justifi is truly like none other. It is a vastly humbling and rewarding experience you will carry on with you for the rest of your life.
— Alina Firer, Justifi Nicaragua 2015
Justifi Thailand was a truly a transformative trip. I had been interested in exploring Judaism for the past 7 years, but during my Justifi trip I felt, for the first time, a connection with G-d. This trip also gave me the confidence to attempt to make a change in the world, and that my efforts could make an impact if I applied myself. I have a new joy for life and feel re-energized since the trip. Thank you for the experience!
— Nick Simone, Justifi Thailand 2014
My trip to Thailand this past winter was one of the best experiences of my life. I think that Danielle was an excellent leader and I had the opportunity to make some great new friends whom I have stayed in contact with. Although I don’t practice Judaism on a regular basis, it was nice to be able to participate in some of the traditions such as going to Shabbat dinner at Chabad.
— Melissa Brodie, Justifi Thailand 2015
Thank you! The experience was life changing!
— Yechiel Auman, Justifi Thailand 2015
The entire experience in Santa Rosa was the highlight for me - the homestay, the activities, working with the children and the dance party.
— Deborah Silver, Justifi Nicaragua 2013