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Pre-Thailand GO

Get ready for your upcoming trip to Thailand: Girls Only. Here you can find all your pre-trip materials and information to help you get started.

WELCOME ABOARD, You're Going To Thailand!

june 19-28

To help you get ready for departure, we've put all your pre-trip resources in one place.

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Your spot on a trip is not confirmed until we have received your $295 deposit. 



See Below for Trip Information. Use our recommended travel agents to help make this easy.




Submit your code of conduct, waiver, emergency contact information, and passport documentation.

Your Trip Details:

Pre-Trip Resources:

Your Thailand Trip Itinerary: Download Here (.pdf)

Thailand Welcome Kit: Download Here (.pdf)

Pack List and Dress Code: Download Here (.pdf)


International Emergency Contact:

Rabbi Jamie Cowland,, +972 525 448 544


Chabad Centers of Thailand:

+(66) 2 663 0244 (Jewish Assoc. of Thailand)

+(66) 2 629-2770  (Chabad of Bangkok)

+(66) 81 870 2249 (Chabad of Chiang Mai, Mobile of Rabbi)


US Embassy of Bangkok:

+(66) 2 205 4049  (Emergency from Outside Thailand)

1 888 407 4747 (Department of Overseas Citizens)


Arriving Flight Requirements: Please book your flight to arrive in the evening of Monday June 18th into BKK International Airport, or at least several hours before 8am on Tuesday June 19th.  Our program starts at 8am in the hotel lobby on the first day of the trip, arriving the night before will ensure that you feel well rested. We will have hotel rooms available for all participants for the night before the program as part of your program cost.

Departing Flight Requirements:  Book return flights home from BKK International Airport in Bangkok after 6pm on June 28th, we will ensure you arrive at the airport before 4pm for international check-in.  (Because you cross the international dateline back to the United States, you will still have time to return before Shabbat).

Note: If you choose to extend your trip, you may book onward travel from either BKK international airport after 6pm, or from the domestic airport (DMK) as early as 4pm. We will be flying domestically back through DMK before taking you to BKK airport, so you may choose to depart early at the domestic airport for an onward flight from there.

Want Help Booking Your Flight? See Our Travel Desk for a List of Recommended Agents!


Arrival Instructions and Hotel Directions:

Visas: Thailand does not require a visa in advance for visitors from most developed countries. See to confirm your status. Most tourists get a 30 day visa on arrival, free of charge.

Airport Arrival: Once you clear customs and have picked up your suitcase, visit an ATM to withdraw spending money. We recommend you withdraw at least 3,000 Baht ($100 USD) to get started. If you want to get a telephone, go to level 1 in the arrivals terminal and visit either the DTAC stand or the TruMove stand (two leading telephone companies in Thailand) and you can purchase a simple phone with local service for approximately $30 USD. They can also help you get a SIM card for your unlocked phone from back home.

Getting a Taxi: Once you have your money and luggage, follow the “public taxi” signs outside and tell the desk that you are going to Bhimman Inn Hotel near the Khao San Road (pronounced Cow Sahn). The full address is:

55 Phra Sumen Rd. Chanasongkram, Banglampu, Bangkok 10200

Give the slip of paper written in Thai to the driver and enjoy the ride for 60 - 90 minutes depending on traffic.

  Hotel Name: Bhimman Inn Hotel, Near Khao San Road in Bangkok    55 Phra Sumen Rd. Chanasongkram, Banglampu, Bangkok 10200, 60-90 Minute Drive from the Airport

Hotel Name: Bhimman Inn Hotel, Near Khao San Road in Bangkok

55 Phra Sumen Rd. Chanasongkram, Banglampu, Bangkok 10200, 60-90 Minute Drive from the Airport

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