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Nicaragua old


NEW: July 31st to August 7th

7-Days in Nicaragua, All Domestic Transportation Included - $1,299 Trip Costs!

Fundraising and Payment Plan Options Available. International Airfare NOT Included.


where we go AND WHAT WE DO:

Learn and Explore The Northern Highlands

Explore Esteli, in the heart of the Nicaraguan highlands, learn about the environmental devastation that is happening in Nicaragua.  Get trained in methods and best practices in conservation work and visit successful local conservation projects.  Bonus Activities: Visit a cigar factory in the cigar capital of Central America, rappel down a 40 meter waterfall in a pristine nature preserve.

Go Remote! Overnights in Tropical Dry Forest.

Spend 2 days in the pristine countryside with local community, teach environmental sustainability with local children, build small infrastructure to support sustainability projects, and teach in local school centers. 

Culture and Spanish Colonial Charm in Granada

Explore the rich cultural heritage of Nicaragua in one of the oldest Spanish colonial cities in Central or South America. Volunteer projects with children in the outskirts of town. Bonus Activities: Boat cruise through 365 islands in Lake Nicaragua, Swimming at Laguna De Apoyo - a gorgeous crater lake in a dormant volcano!


Finish the trip strong with a multi-cultural Shabbat on with Israeli backpackers in the Pacific coastal town of San Juan Del Sur, one of Latin America's most infamous backpacker hotspots. Enjoy a final night of fiestas at local discotheques before catching an early morning flight back home. 


What You'll Experience With Justfi:


Understand the Issues

Of the thousands of acres of Nicaragua's primary forest that existed at the beginning of the 20th century, approximately 1% of it remains intact today. We'll learn from the communities and non-profits fighting to keep these forests intact for the future generations. 

Incredible Cultural Experiences

Known as the land of lakes and volcanoes, the country of Nicaragua is truly breathtaking. We'll explore much of the country's natural beauty. Hike up an active volcano then ride down it on a sled, rappel down a 40m waterfall, hike gorgeous natural trails - there's plenty to explore! 

Hands-On Service Work

Partner with local organizations on sustainable development and education projects aimed at protecting the indigenous forest. Educate the children of local communities about the importance of conservation and environmental protection. 

Jewish Social Justice and Leadership Programming

Understand what our tradition reveals about the cause of suffering in the world. Empower yourself to dig deep to find meaning and leadership abilities with which to go out and make a difference in your own life and the world around you.


All This Included In Your Trip Costs:



Simple, clean hostel, homestay, and guest house accommodations for all nights of the program. Wifi available most nights. 


Meeting with and working hand in hand on real projects making a discernible difference with several of the best NGOs fighting human trafficking in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Domestic Transport

Domestic buses, boats, and transit vans to get around the country. In style. 


Quality, Delicious [Kosher] Meals Daily

Homemade Central-American style cuisine prepared by a local private chef. Fully Kosher prepared in private kitchens under proper supervision, suitable for Orthodox participants, too.

Cultural Excursions

Nature hikes, overnight treks to local villages, visit a cigar factory, boat tour of local islands, Shabbat on the beach, opportunities for surf classes.

Not Included: 

International Airfare is NOT Included

 Additional optional activities (Shopping, Spa Treatments)

 3rd meal on some days of trip (Kosher option always available)

Tip to Thai Tour Guide (about $15)


JUSTIFI Nicaragua TRIP COST IS $1,299.

Installment Plans and Fundraising Options Available to Help!