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Is fundraising Tax-Deductible?

Many of our participants choose to independently fundraise potions of their program costs independently, using tools such as GoFundMe. Because these campaigns are managed independently by the participants to cover their program fees, we are not able to issue tax receipts to your donors. 

We would like your program fees to be considered a tax-deductible expense because of the charitable nature of our projects and have inquired as to options that would make this possible. However, Justifi's program fees do not fit the traditional definition of a charitable contribution because participants receive a direct benefit from this expense (hotels, food, transportation, etc) which disqualifies them from being a tax-deductible donation in most cases. 

Disclaimer: As non-professionals in the matters of taxation, we cannot offer specific advice in these areas and this information should not be used as the sole source for making personal tax-related or personal financial decisions. Please consult a professional if you have additional questions.