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a wild wild summer

JustifiGO will be running back- to- back trips this summer to Europe, India and the Thailand. Here are the prices and dates of all the possible combinations so you can choose which trips you want to join and the flights you will book! (These flights are not included in the total trip price)


Europe only --- $3550

JUNE 23 - JULY 5

Arrive in Paris (PAR) on Monday, June 24. 

Paris, Nice, Milan, Venice, Zurich

Depart from Zurich (ZRH) on Thursday, July 4 or from Paris (PAR) on Friday, July 5

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-10 at 20.22.01.jpeg

India only  --- $2700

JULY  8 - 17

Arrive in Delhi (DEL) on Monday, July 8

Delhi, Agra, Daramshala, Amritsar

Depart from Amritsar (ATQ) on Wednesday, July 17

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Thailand only --- $2700

JULY  18 -  AUGUST 1

Arrive in Chiang Mai (CNX) on Thursday, July 18

CM, CR, Phuket

Depart from  Bangkok (BKK) Tuesday, July 30


Europe & India --- $6000

jUNE 24 - JULY 17

Arrive in Paris (PAR) on  Monday, June 24 .  

Fly from Paris (PAR) to Delhi (DEL) on Sunday, July 7

Depart from Amritsar (ATQ) on Wednesday, July 17 


India & Thailand --- $5500

jULY 8 - 30

Arrive in Delhi (DEL) on Monday, July 8 

Depart from  Bangkok (BKK) Tuesday, July 30 


Europe, India, and Thailand --- $7800

6 WEEKS! JUNE 24 - JULY 30

Arrive in Paris (PAR) on Monday, June 24

Fly from Paris (PAR) to Delhi (DEL) on Sunday, July 7

Depart from Bangkok (BKK) Tuesday, July 30