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New Year, New Wisdom- Check it out!

Team Justifi

Justifi family and friends! 

I can't believe how quickly this year has flown by! Over 100 people got to experience the incredible adventure, growth and new perspective that a Justifi trip brings. We opened a new destination - Sri Lanka, we ran an alternative spring break trip with Penn Hillel, and we had a whole lot of fun, growth, and contribution taking place personally and around the world.  

One thing Rosh Hashana teaches us is that EVERYTHING can change in a second. We're entering a whole new year, a new reality - leaving the past with all its regrets, pains, fears and obstacles behind us.  You could step away from that negative relationship that has been holding you down, you could turn the corner and bump into the soul mate you've been waiting for so long, you could leave the job you hate and find something more meaningful, you could learn how to deal more effectively with life's challenges (yes, I mean those parents and their well meaning but misplaced pressure),  you could take up an instrument, painting, a hobby you've always wanted to do but have never been able to prioritize. It's all up to you. Newness is here, it's your choice whether you are going to tap into it or not. Don't be the same person this year. Dream, imagine, think big - What do I want this year? Who do I want to be? Who do I want to surround myself with? What to I want to learn?Then you will have taken the first step -  the journey always starts with the desire to go somewhere, to see new things, to create a new life. We wish you all the courage and strength you need to be able to live your dreams.  

All of us at Justifi wish you all a Shana Tova UMetuka - a very good and sweet year. 

We hope to see you on a trip or online or in person as often as possible in the coming year. If you're ready to confirm your spot click here.

Watch this space for some exciting new opportunities to engage with Justifi this year - we for one are tapping into the energy of newness in the air. 

We love you guys, 

The Justifi Team (Jamie, Steve, DB, Sarah, Noah and Hadassa).