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Alumni Recruiting

Recruit 6 People,

Join Us for FREE on Your Next Trip!

We'll cover your entire program cost in Thailand or Nicaragua, you just gotta get there :)

Here's the Deal:

  • Recruit 6 new participants from your friends, social circle, networks, Jewish communities and/or family and we'll cover your program fee on your next trip with us to Thailand or Nicaragua. This promotion is not valid for the upcoming South Africa Trip. Justifi does NOT cover transportation to the destination country or modest additional expenses not included in the program fee, as listed on the trip pages (3rd meals on the program, extra food and drink, leisure activities, souvenirs, staff tips, etc).
  • Referrals must meet Justifi's acceptance criteria, which is: "Currently between the ages of 19 - 33, Jewish, physically able to travel & lift up to 20 pounds, emotionally capable of discussing challenging topics, flexible to work in groups, ready to explore, have a great time, and make friends for life."  
  • Justifi will try to accommodate all qualified participants, but reserves the right to reject any participant based on trip occupancy and in an effort to have well-rounded trips.
  • Recruited participants must be new participants - people who have never participated on a Justifi trip before and would not have come if you hadn't referred them. People who've applied in the past but haven't participated are okay if you're the one who nudges them to join us!
  • Recruited participants do not need to participate on the same program as you, you can recruit for any destination during any season.
  • Results are cumulative and accumulate season to season, starting as of October 1st, 2014. New participants self-report who referred them, it's your job to ensure they give you credit for the referral. Please track your own referrals, and we will confirm your results when it's time to 'cash in' on your free trip! 
  • Our trips thrive when we have diverse groups of people. For this reason, at least 33% of your referrals must be male and, to preserve diversity on the trips, we ask that no more than 2/3 of your referrals self-identify as Orthodox.
  • Please operate in the "spirit" of the campaign. Please don't post things like "Going on Justifi anyway? Say I referred you!" Misrepresented referrals will not qualify and abuse of this promotion may result in disqualification with no compensation due. 
  • This bonus is instead of the "$50 refer a friend" promotion. You must choose if your referrals count as a $50 credit towards your trip or if you're shooting higher for the free trip!
  • This offer is available only to past participants of Justifi trips to Thailand, Nicaragua, Peru, or South Africa.
  • Limit 1 free trip per alum. Free trip must be redeemed within 18 months. A referred participant can only count towards one alumni's count (i.e. Alumni Chaya and Josh can't BOTH get credit for recruiting new guy David). 
  • Justifi reserves the right to change the terms of this offer at any time, but hopes to make only minor adjustments as necessary.

Interested? Email to let me know and we'll find a time to chat/strategize together!

Resources for Alumni Recruiting:

Justifi Recruitment Google Document

Justifi Winter Dates Poster

(We can also create custom graphics for you)

Free-To-Use Photo Gallery: 

(Use your own photos, too!)